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Project Description
Simple T4 templates to generate database schema, CRUD stored-procedures and L2SQL classes. Simple XML model (document) describes your entities and feeds all templates for quick, consistent, maintainable code.

If you are like me you love data and data-modeling! Maybe also like me, you really hate using any of the popular ER modeling tools like PowerDesigner, Erwin or even Visio. Too much tedious clicking all over the place if you ask me. I’ve tried just working in the schema with notepad but that seems a little too close to the metal. In this project I present a simple, no-cost (beyond the Visual Studio 2010 which you already have) solution that bridges the gap between tedious clicking and notepad nonsense.

My solution involves defining my entities in a simple, easy to edit XML document and then running that XML document into a T4 template in Visual Studio 2010. The template, a simple file with the .TT extension reads the XML and then outputs the entity properties formatted with the schema boiler-plate contained within the same template. Additional templates transform the XML model into CRUD stored-procedures, L2SQL classes, TDD tests and more.

Forget code-first vs. database-first. Do the meta-data-first and resolve the other two automatically!

Click the 'Transform All Templates' button and you are done writing schema, CRUD and L2SQL classes!

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